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Infinite position lift and recline chair, the T3 combines maximum comfort with silent, seamless operation. The new 6 button hand control allows you to achieve continuous full body support while the simultaneous tilt function gently lifts you upright or reclines you through to Trendelenburg position (in which feet are elevated higher than your head) helping to improve both circulation and blood pressure. The T3 makes finding your favourite position easy. Available in a range of colours.

Back width: 80 cm (31.5") Seat width: 51 cm (20")
Seat to floor: 48 cm (19") Top of back to seat: 68.5 cm (27")
Seat depth: 51 cm (20") Weight Capacity: 27 Stone (170 kg)


Please note: Rise and recliners are not available to purchase online. Please call us free on 0800 731 4937 for more information.

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