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6-In-1 Multi Opener
This Multi Opener has a durable and comfortable grip and opens six different types of seals and l..
Adjustable Height Aluminium Shower Stools
These neat shower stools have a moulded plastic seat with a sturdy but lightweight frame. The adj..
Adjustable Height Shower Stool
This height adjustable shower stool has a lightweight aluminium frame and a clip-on plastic seat ..
Adjustable Metal Framed Chair & Footstool
These chairs are adjustable in height, making them suitable for a number of users. The frame is m..
Adjustable Walsall Trolley
This trolley has the advantage of being adjustable to suit individual requirements. Both the hand..
Advantage Series Suitcase Ramps
The Advantage Series Suitcase Ramp, with its single fold design, offers a simple and convenient s..
Axcess Roll-Up Ramps
The Axcess Roll-Up Ramp is lightweight and portable. Its compact design allows it to be rolled up..
Axcess Suitcase Ramps
Axcess Suitcase Ramps are designed for both scooters and wheelchairs. They are double width track..
Axcess Telescopic Broad Ramps
These ramps are similar to the fixed length broad ramp above but constructed from two nested tele..
Basketweave Commode Chair
A traditional wooden frame commode chair with woven fibre upholstery in white and beige. The remo..
Bedroom Commode Chair
This attractively designed woven commode chair integrates subtly into virtually any home décor. T..
Chester Shower Stool With Cut-Out
These sturdy showering stools have a padded seat and front cut-out to aid personal cleansing. The..
Corner Shower Stool
This handy tripod seat fits neatly into the corner of the shower. The quadrant shaped seat is cov..
Easy Fold Deluxe Rollator
This height adjustable aluminium rollator comes complete with a seat and basket. The frame folds ..
Escape Lite
The Escape Lite’s extremely light and foldable frame has been specially designed for ease of trans..