Support Cushions

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Orthopaedic Pillow
Quality pillow specially shaped for cervical support, and contoured central area for various slee..
The Original Mckenzie® D-Shape Roll
Firm Density: The Original McKenzie® D-Shape Roll is made of high density foam and is therefore q..
The Original Mckenzie® Round Roll
Medium Density: The Original McKenzie® Round Roll was the first ever lumbar roll made in the worl..
The Original Mckenzie® Treat Your Own Neck
This book addresses many of the problems associated with neck related pain, including headaches a..
The Original Mckenzie® Heavy  Duty Roll
Heavy Density: The Original McKenzie® Heavy Duty Roll is available in 100mm (4") and 125mm (5") t..
The Original Mckenzie® Airback™
This inflatable lumbar roll is ideal for commuters and travellers. Especially useful on planes wh..
Helps relieve postural neck and shoulder pain by supporting the cervical spine during sleep. Shou..
The Original Mckenzie® Treat Your Own Back
A self help book written by leading physiotherapist Robin McKenzie. His book provides valuable in..
The Original Mckenzie® Super Roll
Firm Density: The Original McKenzie® Super Roll is a superior lumbar support that provides the ul..
The Original McKenzie Night Roll
The Night Roll ties around the waist to support the lower back and prevent strain that can be cau..
Dunlopillo Ring Cushion
Flame retardant bacteriostatic latex foam ring to give comfort when sitting. Can be steam sterili..
V-Shaped Back Support Pillow
A large V-shaped washable pillow, filled with Dacron fibres, for supporting the body in bed or ar..
Chiro Cushion
This wedged shaped cushion alleviates pressure on the coccyx thus relieving lower back pain. Idea..
Neck Support Cushion
A must for anyone travelling, reading or watching television. Made from pure new wool pile, it is..
Car Seat Leveller
This quality cushion has an orthopaedically shaped cut-out to prevent direct seating pressure on ..