Sensory Loss

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Clearsound™ Portable Telephone Amplifier
This lightweight portable telephone amplifier is designed to strap over a standard telephone hand..
Hearing Amplifier
This hearing booster is a major breakthrough in sound interception and amplification. It allows t..
Dallas 10 Big Button Phone
This stylish, telephone has an extra large keypad with easy-to-see big buttons making it very eas..
Photophone 100
The PhotoPhone100 can be used for picture memory dialling or standard numerical dialling. The big..
Doro Phoneeasy® Display Telephone
This corded telephone has big button keys and an easy to read display with large characters. The ..
Mydect100 Amplified Big Button Cordless Telephone
The MyDECT100 has an adjustable receiving volume control up to 22dB and 5 levels of ringer volume..
Wake ’N’ Shake Vibrating Alarm Clock
This stylish and modern alarm clock is ideal for anyone who is hard of hearing. It features a lar..
This easy to use telephone benefits from big buttons and a large display. It has tone control and..
Talking Atomic Watch
This attractive watch speaks the time and date in a clear voice with radio controlled accuracy. I..
Doro Hearplus 313c Amplified Telephone
Amplified receiver volume and tone control together with an enhanced ring volume make this phone ..
Amplicom PowerTel M4000 Mobile Phone
Thi easy to use has a large colour display large buttons and amplified volume. The phone is heari..
Doro Phoneeasy 510 Mobile Phone
This easy to use mobile phone has a sharp colour display and grooved back cover for extra grip. I..
Phoneeasy 338 Mobile Phone
The perfectly sized mobile phone for simply making and receiving calls. Dialing is easy thanks to..
Doro Handleplus 334 Truly Simple Mobile Phone
An extremely easy to handle and use mobile phone with one press of a button used to answer incomi..